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Community / HOA / Condo Management

At MCM, putting the needs of others in front of our own is the essence of who we are.  Our role in servant leadership is to ensure that we serve each of the communities we represent with the personnel, systems, and processes that are tailored to meet the unique needs of each. 

Our full-service programs are designed to insure the fulfillment of the fiduciary responsibilities of Developers and Board of Directors. 

Administrative Services:
  • Guide and assist the Board of Directors in the performance of their obligations pursuant to State statutes and the governing documents

  • Guide and assist the Board of Directors in the development and application of the policies, rules and regulations pursuant to the governing documents

  • Organize, support and attend the annual and special meetings of the Owners, and meetings of the Board of Directors to include but not limited to: Notices, agendas, support documentation and meeting minutes

  • Maintain and retain copies of all official records as required by State statute and the governing documents

  • Maintain a current register of Owners, Directors and Officers and any other registers or schedules as required by the governing documents

  • Attend to and address all necessary correspondence on the behalf of the Board of Directors

  • Attend to and bring to resolution owner requests as it pertains the administration of the association, its common elements and the rules and regulations

  • Administer the associations insurance including the filing of claims

  • Regular inspections of all common areas to ensure for the proper upkeep, maintenance and repair, and violations to the association rules and regulations

  • Prepare and notice to owner of all rules and regulation violation and provide the Board of Directors a report on a regular basis

  • Provide administrative support functions for architectural review committees (ARC).Monitor compliance and completion of approved ARC applications.

  • Provide administrative support for community newsletters and other correspondence.

Community and Owner Support
  • Receive, review, and respond to all Owner communications related to reoccurring operations of the Association.

  • Receive, review, and provide all communications to the Board of Directors.

  • Prepare and distribute all communications and newsletters to the Association Owners.   

Financial Services:
  • Preparation annually for the approval by the Board of Directors a budget for the next fiscal year to include capital replacement reserves

  • Preparation and distribute assessment billing notices pursuant to the governing documents.Provide for collections and notice of delinquency up to the point of the filing of lien.

  • Provision of records of assessment delinquency support to the Association’s outside counsel for lien and asset disposition

  • Provision records support to the Association’s tax preparer

  • Maintenance of separate operating and capital reserve bank accounts in the Association’s name for the depositing of all assessments collected on the Association’s behalf.

  • Disperse from the assessments collected for the payment of all invoices for operating and capital reserves

  • Preparation of monthly financial statements

Property Services:
  • Supervision of all common areas, amenities and facilities maintenance and cleanliness pursuant to the level of care desired by the Board of Directors

  • Competitive bidding, negotiation, and administrative servicing for reoccurring vendor contracts

  • Competitive bidding, negotiation, and administrative servicing for all capital reserve contractors

  • Monitor vendor and contractor performance

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